Things all newly engaged couples need to know in 2022

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If you are reading this, you are probably newly engaged and looking for advice on everything wedding related as you embark on the process of planning a wedding.
Here's some things all newly engaged couples need to know in 2022

Well first of all, CONGRATULATIONS!! [insert confetti cannon emoji here] 🎉

It can be a hugely overwhelming phase of your relationship as there are SO many options, ways, choices, opinions, prices, styles.

Which brings me onto my first important point:

This wedding is YOURS. Plan it and experience it exactly how YOU want it to be.

Too often a wedding is planned with the guests’ experience in mind. Which of course is totally fine, but please PLEASE don’t lose sight of the reasons you are getting hitched in the first place.

You’ll probably get a LOT of people’s opinions. Some you may find are super helpful and make you think of things you hadn’t thought about before. Some could be completely dated (I mean, I think things have changed a little bit since your cousin’s friends’ friend got married back in 1984)

My next point is the un-fun point about budgeting.

You could easily get carried away with going all in for having everything. It’s important to stay grounded. Stay true to yourselves. Don't try to keep up with others' expectations. Here's some ideas on minimalist wedding decor ideas.

If you have a budget, stick to it. Don’t get yourself into debt just to have an incredible day that everyone else will enjoy, but you’ll end up paying off for months on end.

I can still remember when I got engaged for the first time (yep, grateful that one didn’t work out!) and I had picked out a gorgeous golf course venue, sparkles, a pink dress, all while being maxed out on my credit card and living for the next pay day. I’d spent too long looking at how everyone around me (in better off situations) were doing it and just thought that’s what I wanted too. [See my first point] Champagne dreams on a beer budget rings true here!

My next point is, when planning a wedding- have fun!

Enjoy spending time researching all fo the different options, talk to various vendors to see what each one has to offer as no two vendors are the same. Visit venues to get a feel for them as some don’t often show the best of their venue’s unique selling points on their websites. Speak to the coordinators to make sure you are a good fit.

Include your partner on the researching process as they might come up with ideas you hadn’t thought of.

If any any point it’s becoming overwhelming or too much, stop. Take a break for as long as you need. Then go back to the plans with fresh eyes when the time is right.

I hope these points help ground you in the wedding planning. And if you are looking for a wedding photographer and like my portfolio then reach out! 😉


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