Things couples regret after their wedding

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking. There is more to think about than most engaged couples ever thought when they envisioned their big day. Here's some advice taken from my previous clients about things couples regret after their wedding:

Worrying about the little things

Panicking that the colour of the table linen is a shade lighter than the napkins? Honestly, absolutely nobody will notice, and if they do, they won’t care. Afterwards, no-one will even remember. They will just remember how the day made them feel and how much fun they had celebrating you both.

Drinking too much

You probably wouldn’t even think about it, but most brides start on the fizz first thing in the morning when they are getting ready with the bridesmaids. You might not even notice them also topping it up as you’re having your make up done. Once you’re in the dress and heading to the wedding everything feels like it’s going light speed. Before you know it you’re heading into the reception and have another glass of fizz for toasts, as well as your glass of wine for dinner.

Many brides wish they’d not drank as much, or had at least drank a lot of water throughout the day.

Not taking the time to connect with each other

This is such an easy thing to let slip. There are so many people you need to go and speak to/catch up with. You would probably think you’ll cover more ground if you split up and go around everybody separately, but you may find that this way, you’ll hardly see your brand new spouse for the entire evening! Make sure for every hour apart doing the host thing, you take a ten minute break to just be with each other.

Not hiring a Videographer

You have the photos of the reactions during the speeches, or the tears of the mother of the groom as he says his wedding vows. But wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to listen to the exact words that were spoken? To be able to relive the jokes that were said to get those reactions? Many couples wish they’d hired a videographer for this reason. To be able to show those who weren’t able to be there WHY they were so emotional.

Letting others influence you

I’m sure we’ve all got people we know who are married or have recently got married. Try not to be influenced by other’s ideas, either for a status perspective, or for a style perspective. You are in charge of your day, so make it about YOU.

As an Edmonton wedding photographer + videographer I am always here to help with our ideas and plans to make sure you are getting the most out of your wedding day. Get in touch if you'd like some advice on planning your wedding timeline.


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