Things You Can DIY for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is hard work - and there’s a ton to think about! You can hire, buy, and book just about every part of the wedding. Couples often decide to DIY a few things, whether it’s to save money, to add a personal touch, or just for fun.

But, there are definitely a few things that should never be DIY-ed for a wedding, and things that are better left to the professionals to ensure the best experience for you and for your guests.

This guide will have a list of ideas and things you can DIY for your wedding, along with some things that you shouldn’t tackle yourselves!

Things You Shouldn’t DIY for Your Wedding

Just because you can… doesn’t mean you should. Here are a few things that you shouldn’t DIY for your wedding.


Unless you happen to be a professional florist (in which case, go for it!), it’s not a good idea to create your own floral arrangements. People often underestimate how difficult it is - it’s not just putting flowers together! A professional florist knows what particular flowers are in season, are long lasting and workable together. Florists can work magic to create bouquets, boutonnieres, and other floral decorations that match the vibe of your wedding day and look amazing.


Couples who want to save money often think that instead of having a DJ, they can just put on a Spotify playlist. And while there’s nothing wrong with balling on a budget, this is one area of your wedding that you definitely shouldn’t DIY! A DJ plays music, but their job goes beyond that. They play the right songs at the right time, reading the room and doing whatever fits the moment, and they also help with transitions throughout the day, as well as announcements, and making sure that the timeline is being followed. A DJ will also have professional sound equipment, which will sound much better than a DIY playlist blasting from a speaker! I have a whole other blog post on this topic that you can read here: Wedding Music 101

Hair and Makeup

If you’re used to doing your own hair and makeup, it can be hard to hand the reins over to someone else - but the truth is that a professional hair and makeup artist can truly work wonders. Whatever look you’re going for, whether it’s more natural or something more dramatic, a professional hair and makeup artist will bring that to life. Not only that, but they’ll also make sure that it stays all day! A big part of doing hair and makeup for a wedding is ensuring that it’ll look great through outdoor ceremonies, breaking it down on the dance floor, eating, and all the other wedding day festivities - with minimal touch ups.

The Cake

Even if you’re a great baker, it’s not a good idea to DIY your cake for your wedding day. A professional will be able to design and create a gorgeous dessert, but there are even more considerations - like making it no earlier than the day before the wedding so that it stays fresh, and transporting it to the venue safely while keeping it cold and secure.

Don’t DIY Your Wedding Vendors

In general, it’s never a good idea to DIY the things that you hire wedding vendors for - photography, florals, videography, catering, and so on. Having professional wedding vendors will make a huge difference in your day, taking a ton of stress off you, and they’ll help you create the experience you’re dreaming of!

Things You Can DIY for Your Wedding

Now, let’s talk about some ideas for things you can DIY for your wedding! If you’re a little crafty, or want to incorporate some personal touches, doing a few things yourself can be really fun.

The Venue

Most couples book a venue for their wedding - but if you’re having a more intimate, smaller celebration, making your own can actually be an option! Backyard weddings can be really cozy and fun, so if you or a family member has a spacious yard with nice views, this can be a way to get married in a place that’s meaningful to you. You can rent tables and chairs, set up lights and decorations, and create the wedding venue of your dreams!


If you’re envisioning gorgeous embossed stationery with cutouts and unique touches, it might be best to go with a professional to design your invitations. But, if you’re artsy, or know a little bit about graphic design, you can create invites yourself! I recommend having them printed somewhere reputable, but the design is something you can DIY. Plenty of couples choose to do simple e-vites too, so if you aren’t set on having printed stationery for your wedding, this is an option too!

I also have an online shop with some minimalistic invitations and RSVP's available for printing or digital copies. Check them out here: She's Electric Design Co.

DIY Your Wedding Signs

If you have a knack for calligraphy, or just have nice handwriting, you can easily create your own signs for the wedding day. Things like seating charts, welcome signs, and any other signage that you have can be created by you! People usually use chalkboards or wooden boards, but you can also get creative with this - like using a rustic mirror.

A wedding sign vendor in Alberta who I LOVE is Straight Drive North.

DIY Wedding Decorations

Things like centerpieces and decorations around your wedding venue are things you can DIY for your wedding too. You can thrift some unique decor, like rugs to stand on, and if you’ve got an eye for design, you can put it all together! You can also rent some decorations, which is a good way to save money and to be a little more environmentally friendly. 

Don’t DIY Your Wedding Photographer

It would be pretty hard to be setting up a tripod and hitting the self timer all day, and photography is definitely something that you want to leave to a professional on your wedding day! 

Your photos are the only thing that will really bring this day back - allowing you to relive every moment, and to feel like you’re right back in the day you married your best friend and celebrated with the people you love most.

If you want a photographer who’s there to document your memories so that you can have them for years to come, and who will make sure that all the in between moments are captured, contact me!


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