Why a Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoot?

Congrats! Your family has just grown- and life has changed. You're being pulled left right and centre to be all of the things at once, while still trying to be present and make the memories. Here's why a lifestyle newborn photoshoot could be for you.

Hey parents! Remember, you aren't alone.

Being overwhelmed with having a new baby while wanting to preserve the memories can be an emotional rollercoaster. The arrival of a new baby brings immense joy and love, but it also comes with an avalanche of responsibilities and challenges.

Joy and Love

The presence of a new baby fills your hearts with overwhelming joy and unconditional love. Seeing your little one grow and experience the world brings unparalleled happiness.


Caring for a newborn can be physically and emotionally draining. Sleep deprivation becomes a constant companion as your baby needs demand attention around the clock.

Doubt and Anxiety

With a new baby, you may feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility. Doubts and anxieties can creep in, questioning whether you are doing everything right to ensure your baby's well-being and happiness. Go easy on yourself, you're doing better than you think. There are also plenty of support groups available locally.

Time Flies

Time seems to pass at an incredible pace. The days blend together, and it's challenging to find moments to cherish and preserve the memories.

Desire to Capture Every Moment

As your baby grows and changes rapidly, there's a strong desire to capture every little moment, from their first smile to their first step. This urge to create lasting memories becomes a priority.


The lack of time and energy to properly document memories can lead to frustration. You might feel guilty for not being able to keep up with all the milestones and experiences.

Emotional Vulnerability

Hormonal fluctuations after childbirth can intensify emotions, making you more sensitive to both joyful and challenging situations.

Need for Support

The overwhelming feeling of wanting to preserve memories often calls for the support of family and friends. Having someone to lend a helping hand can alleviate the burden and provide valuable opportunities to create memories together. If you are struggling, an in-home newborn photo session could be useful for you.

Finding Balance

Striking a balance between caregiving responsibilities and preserving memories can be a constant struggle. You may seek ways to efficiently capture memories without compromising your presence in your baby's life.

Cherishing Little Moments

Amidst the chaos, you will find solace in cherishing the little moments. They might take short breaks to savour your baby's laughter, cuddles, and other heartwarming experiences.

To cope with these overwhelming emotions and desire to preserve memories, you can opt for various strategies, such as taking photographs, writing in a baby journal, or creating scrapbooks. It's essential to remember that it's okay to seek help and support, allowing you to enjoy the journey of parenthood while preserving precious memories along the way.

Why a lifestyle newborn photoshoot over a posed newborn photoshoot?

Posed newborn photoshoots and lifestyle newborn photoshoots are two distinct styles of capturing images of newborns, each with its own approach and aesthetic. Here are the main differences between the two:

Setting and Environment

Posed Newborn Photoshoot

In a posed newborn photoshoot, the baby is usually placed in a controlled studio environment with carefully selected props, backgrounds, and lighting setups. The focus is on capturing the baby in various adorable poses, often using wraps, blankets, baskets, and other accessories to create artistic and visually pleasing images.

Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoot

A lifestyle newborn photoshoot takes place in the comfort of the baby's home or a familiar environment. The photographer captures natural, candid moments of the baby and their family, showcasing the baby's interactions with parents, siblings, and the surroundings. The setting is more relaxed and less controlled, capturing the genuine emotions and atmosphere of the family's everyday life.


Posed Newborn Photoshoot

In a posed photoshoot, the photographer often positions the baby in specific poses, such as the "froggy pose" or "taco pose," which require the baby to be sleepy and flexible. These poses are typically achieved within the first few weeks of the baby's life when they are more likely to sleep deeply.

Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoot

In a lifestyle shoot, there is minimal posing, and the focus is on capturing the baby naturally. The baby is photographed in their natural positions, like sleeping in their crib or being held by family members.


Posed Newborn Photoshoot

Posed newborn sessions are typically done within the first two weeks of the baby's life. During this time, newborns tend to sleep more deeply and curl up easily, making it easier to achieve the desired poses.

Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoot

Lifestyle sessions can take place at any time after the baby's birth, although they are usually done within the first month. Since the emphasis is on capturing natural moments rather than specific poses, the timing is more flexible.


Posed Newborn Photoshoot

The primary focus of posed sessions is on the baby, with props and setups designed to highlight the newborn's tiny features and adorable poses.

Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoot

Lifestyle sessions focus on the interactions and connections between the baby and their family members. The emphasis is on capturing the love, emotions, and everyday moments shared between the family and the newborn.


Posed Newborn Photoshoot

The final images from a posed newborn session are often highly polished, artistic, and carefully edited to achieve a certain look. They are more stylized and can be used for wall art or in photo albums.

Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoot

Lifestyle sessions result in more candid, natural, and documentary-style images that showcase the real-life moments and relationships of the family. These images tend to have a more relaxed and authentic feel.

Ultimately, both styles have their unique charms and cater to different preferences and aesthetics. Some families may choose to do both types of shoots to capture a wide range of memories from their newborn's early days.

Why choose a lifestyle newborn photoshoot?

A lifestyle newborn photography session can be a wonderful idea for several reasons:

Capturing Special Moments

Newborns grow and change rapidly, and the early days of their life are incredibly precious. A lifestyle photography session allows you to capture these fleeting moments and create lasting memories of your baby's first days at home.

Natural and Authentic

Unlike posed studio sessions, lifestyle photography aims to capture real-life moments and interactions. It allows for a more natural and authentic representation of your family's dynamics and emotions, showcasing the genuine love and connection between parents and their newborn.

Comfort of Home

Lifestyle sessions take place in the comfort of your own home. This environment is familiar to you and your baby, making it a relaxed setting where everyone feels at ease. It also provides the opportunity to include meaningful elements from your home, such as the nursery or favourite blankets, in the photos.

Inclusion of Family Members and Pets

Lifestyle newborn photography can involve not only the newborn but also the parents, siblings, and even family pets. It's a chance to document the whole family together, celebrating the new addition to the family.

Time Flexibility

Posed studio sessions often require specific timing and may be more structured, while lifestyle sessions can be more flexible with scheduling. It allows you to choose a time that works best for your family's routine and the baby's feeding and sleeping patterns.

Less Stress for New Parents

Newborn photography sessions in a studio can be overwhelming for new parents, especially considering the logistics of getting the baby ready and traveling. Lifestyle sessions eliminate this stress by taking place at home, providing a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.


Lifestyle photography tells a story of your family's life at a specific moment in time. The photos can capture not just the newborn's features but also the emotions and interactions that define the family's bond during this special phase.

Personalized and Unique

Each lifestyle session is tailored to your family's style and preferences. The photographer can incorporate your home's aesthetics, family heirlooms, and personal belongings to create a unique and meaningful set of photographs.

Timeless Appeal

Lifestyle newborn photography tends to have a timeless quality that can be appreciated for years to come. The photos focus on emotions and connections rather than trendy setups, making them more enduring and classic.

Cherished Memories

The newborn stage is fleeting, and having professional photographs of this period allows you to preserve and cherish these memories for a lifetime.

Overall, a lifestyle newborn photography session offers a more intimate, personal, and authentic way to capture the beauty of your family's life during the early days of welcoming a new member into your home.

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