Prep Guide for Fall Mini Sessions


Ah, the most popular question!

There are various answers to this, but I'll give you my thoughts on how I work and what works best with how I photograph:


Fall, [despite it meaning the weather is heading to be colder], actually warrants more warmer tones due to the colours of the trees, grass and the sun being lower.

Browns, deep reds, forest greens, mustards, navy all work well with the fall colours of your surroundings.

Plain jeans, or cords are fine for the bottom half.

family posing by the battle river bridge in wainwright


Avoid heavy patterned clothing. Block colours are preferred, but if you do have patterned parts of an outfit, just ensure there is at least one person in a block colour. It will break up the group nicely to avoid clashes.

Layers also work well [ie a sweater over a shirt, or a cardigan over a tshirt].

Footwear again is dependent on your comfort. When I photograph I may get you walking or playing with the kids, so make sure you are comfortable in moving around. I also get shots of just the top halves of you too, as well as full body. The ground may also be damp or dirty so avoid heels!

boy walking his dog by the battle river trestle bridge in wainwright



Plan to arrive at least 5 minutes before your session.

I often run sessions back to back so if you don't arrive until your scheduled start time, by the time we acquaint and get ready to start you may only have half of your session remaining to work with.


Easier said than done I absolutely know! 😉

But, try to leave any stress at home. I'm not the photographer who poses nice and neatly. I am the photographer who wants the kids to play like kids, and the grown ups to also play like kids.

Just embrace that chaos will happen, and I'll be there to make it look epic.


Like I said above - I don't pose. I want to document your family exactly as they are, so you remember what a wild ride you had when you look back on your images.

I will give gentle direction if you need it, but on the whole, we're just going to have fun!



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