Is Wedding Videography Worth It?- Reasons to Hire a Videographer

Your wedding day is a big deal - you don’t need me to tell you that! And while most couples are totally on board with the fact that a photographer is a must, a lot of people tend to be on the fence about hiring a videographer. But, the truth is that not booking a wedding videographer is often something that couples really regret!

Video captures your day in a way that photos can’t, and it’s so beyond worth it to be able to look back and see the story of the day you got married unfold all over again. This guide will answer the question - is wedding videography worth it? And I’ll give you some reasons to consider hiring a wedding videographer!

Is Wedding Videography Worth It? - What Holds Couples Back?

Let’s be real - there’s usually one big reason that couples decide not to hire a wedding videographer. Budget!

If money wasn’t a consideration, the decision would be a lot easier to make. But it is, and it should be when it comes to planning your wedding! Your budget already includes things like a venue, catering, a photographer… it all adds up pretty fast, so it’s definitely tempting to want to skip the videographer and cut costs.
But, here’s the thing - there are so few things that will truly last from the day you get married. The food will get eaten, the cake will get cut, decorations will be donated or thrown away, and memories fade so much faster than we realize! When the day is over and the knot is tied, you’ll have your photos to remind you of the magic of marrying your best friend - and if you have a wedding film, you’ll have that too. Photos are incredible, of course, but a wedding video captures the day in a totally different way - and there’s no way that you’ll regret being able to see it! In the next section, we’ll talk about all the reasons that wedding videography is totally worth it.

Reasons Why Wedding Videography is Worth It

Of course, as a wedding videographer, it’s easy for me to say that a wedding film is a great investment and one that couples should definitely make! But I truly believe it, and here are just a few reasons why wedding videography is worth it, and reasons to consider booking a videographer for your day.

Your Wedding Video Will Have Sound

One of the biggest things that sets your wedding film apart from your wedding photos is the fact that video captures sound! Imagine being able to hear your partner’s vows, or the speeches your loved ones make, all over again. It’s so special - hearing those words is absolutely priceless, and your video will let you truly feel like you’re transported back into that moment. Photos are visual, but a video combines how your day looked with the words spoken that day to create an incredible experience for the two of you to remember forever.

Wedding Videos Move

Photos are a split second in time - while video captures moments in a totally different way, showing movement and documenting you and your loved ones. Things like laughing with your bridesmaids as you get ready, kissing the love of your life at the ceremony, talking with your friends and family at the reception… seeing all of it on video will transport you back into that moment.

Wedding Videography Captures Emotions

Your wedding video allows you to see how you made each other laugh, the happy tears that happened on your day, and how the wedding felt. With clips edited together, you’ll have all of those little moments that made your day unique and special, and the movement and authenticity that video captures will tell your story.

A Wedding Video is Easy to Share

For family and friends who couldn’t make it to the wedding, and even everyone who did, seeing your wedding video will be so much fun! A video is easy to share with others, and you can even have a viewing party.

A Wedding Video Can Be a Family Heirloom

Photo albums are great to pass on to kids, grandkids, or other family members - flipping through them is so special! But, being able to have a video, with movement and voices, will be even more incredible. Your wedding video will be something you can watch for years to come, and future generations will absolutely love seeing it, hearing your voices, and making fun of the fashion choices everyone made “back in the day!”

There’s No Way You’ll Regret Having a Wedding Video

It’s definitely likely that you’ll regret not having video coverage of the day you get married, but there’s almost no chance that you’ll watch your wedding video, see the story of your day, hear your partner’s vows, and wish you didn’t have these memories. It’s an investment for sure, but it’s one that you’ll be glad you made!

Tips for Booking a Wedding Videographer

If you’ve decided that wedding videography is worth it, here are some tips for finding the right videographer for your day.

Make Sure They Can Collaborate With Your Photographer

One important thing to think about is how your photographer and videographer will work together. This is a big deal, because you definitely want both photo and video of important moments, so the two will need to collaborate to make sure they’re not blocking each other! For example, you don’t want the wedding photographer to step in front of the video camera during your kiss after you’ve been pronounced married. Hiring a vendor who can do both photo and video for weddings can be really helpful, as they’ll be able to do both jobs! 

Watch Their Wedding Videos

Of course, it’s always important to check out a vendor’s work before you book them for your day. Make sure that you like any potential videographer’s films, and that it’s what you imagine for your wedding! Different videographers have different styles, so it’s also important to decide what kind of video you want and how long you want it to be - for example, some people do documentary style films that are an hour long (which honestly, you likely won’t watch that often after the first time), while other videographers do a highlight video that’s a few minutes and captures the important moments.

Check out some of my wedding films here!

Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer!

Hiring professional, experienced vendors is super important. It ensures that they’ll be there on your day, that they have the equipment and knowledge necessary to create an amazing video for you. A good videographer is an investment, but you don’t want to be a couple who has a horror story about hiring a cheap videographer or a family friend and ending up disappointed with their wedding film - or ending up with no wedding film at all.

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