Engagement Photos at the U of A

When Justine & Aaron mentioned a special place for them that they'd like to meet me, I had no idea how incredibly beautiful these engagement photos at the U of A would actually be!

A top 5 Canadian University, top 120 in the world, and top 1 for making epic photos for engaged couples in Edmonton- FOR SURE!

Contact me if you have a meaningful and special place you'd like me to capture you at!

The Arts Building at the U of A

The Arts Building at the University of Alberta holds significant historical and cultural importance on the campus. Here is an overview of its history:


The Arts Building was constructed in several phases. The initial section of the building, known as the Central Block, was completed in 1915. Subsequent expansions occurred in the 1920s and 1930s to accommodate the growing needs of the university's arts and humanities faculties.


As the name suggests, the Arts Building was primarily designed to house the faculties related to arts, humanities, and social sciences. Over the years, it has served as a central hub for various academic departments and administrative offices, making it an essential and bustling part of the campus.


The Arts Building's architectural style is Collegiate Gothic, characterized by pointed arches, decorative elements, and a grand, imposing facade. This style was popular for academic buildings in the early 20th century and contributes to the building's distinctive appearance.

Historical Significance

The Arts Building is one of the oldest structures on the University of Alberta's main campus. It stands as a symbol of the university's commitment to higher education in arts and humanities since its early days.

Renovations and Preservation

As with any historic building, the Arts Building has undergone renovations and restoration efforts over the years to ensure its preservation and functionality. These efforts often aim to maintain the building's original character while incorporating modern amenities.

Role in Campus Life

The Arts Building has played a significant role in fostering academic and cultural activities on the campus. It houses classrooms, lecture halls, faculty offices, study spaces, and some specialized facilities for arts-related programs.


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