Banff Winter Elopement

How incredible is this snowy Banff winter elopement on Lake Minnewanka?!

I love a good story. This one is more than good!

Janet lives in Canada, Sean lives in the USA, yet despite this pandemic their love has strengthened & solidified their relationship.

Speaking of strength, why don't we throw in the -30c's and the harshest snow storm in a freak week of unheard of weather to this story?!

Surrounded by their closest family & friends, they eloped under the shelter of the pine trees next to Lake Minnewanka (which at the time of saying their "I do"'s we couldn't even see the mountains through the blizzard!

Sean's brother officiated to keep their circle close. Did you know that you can apply to be a temporary marriage commissioner in Alberta?

We toasted with hot chocolate and marshmallows to warm up, just as the skies started to clear and we could get out onto the lake!

It was such a gorgeous way to end my 2021 wedding season.

Words from the couple:

Hello Sam, 

Thank you so much for capturing our wedding and delivering such amazing photos and videos. We were very excited to see that the video was completed and had to arrange it so that we could watch it at the same time, despite being on other sides of the continent again.

You most certainly did not disappoint!

We admired and appreciated how you were able to use the clips out of chronological order to foreshadow and to provide better geographical context of the mountains from the day before!

You definitely lived up to the "Storyteller" title that appears on your hot chocolate mug! 😀

We will let you in on a secret, because we noticed it on your title of the video on YouTube:

""Who would have thought your call to freedom would change our lives forever""

The day before Janet and I had our first date, I hadn't received any text messages from Janet. I thought it was strange and started  asking myself "Did I offend her? Am I getting ghosted?! What's going on?" Anyway, at some point in the day, I decided to phone my phone provider Freedom Mobile (aka "freedom"), to see what's going on. They're a pretty spotty carrier, so I was hoping that it was all their fault. Sure enough, they must have flipped some switch on my phone because all of the sudden I received 23 text messages from my friends and, yes, Janet! So Freedom saved the fixing their mistake 😅.

Thank you for everything Sam! We hope you are enjoying your first Albertan winter!

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