WR Presets

It's been a long time coming, but WR Presets are finally here!

I started my photography journey with no real thoughts on anything other than documenting. From helping film family vacations with our video camera, to sneaking in our family webcam camera to school so that I could document a 'day in the life of a 15 year old' [cringe].

My why

It wasn't until I started my business professionally and took inspiration from several established photographers from around the world when I realized that each of them had a unique style to every single image, that I just could not recreate myself out of camera. Like a complete colour scheme that was cohesive throughout their entire portfolio. It branded them and defined them.

When the evolution of social media hit and 'FB groups' began was when I really started to learn things about photography and more so editing, that I never learned at university.

Enter Lightroom presets.

SET 02

The day I first discovered that you could get an entire set of predetermined settings for your images I was completely blown away. I mean, this to me took creativity to a whole other level.

Presets and Photographers - A love hate kinda thing.

A photographer will tell you that 'lighting is everything' and you 'must get it right in camera'. But using Lightroom presets is an extension to your craft that I think many don't realize can benefit you.

By all means, I stand by the phrase 'you can't polish a turd' - many others will agree that by slapping a preset over a crappy image won't make it amazing.


If you really think about the world we're living in now, with social media being the behemoth that it is, with filters that can just be disposable, people ARE looking for something unique to make their pictures stand out from just a 'phone snap'.

SET 01

SET 02

After 8 years I’m finally comfortable in my own branding and style. Back when I started, there was almost a sense of shame in the air that you were somewhat cheating if you were using presets for your images.

I'm so glad that we've come along from those thoughts, and that by using presets you can really create a brand identity and also salvage what would have otherwise been 'trashworthy' photos.

I've been using my own presets for a while. I am fascinated by documentary photos, and I definitely lean to more of a 'moody' look. I like dark, raw, thought provoking imagery and colours.

SET 03

Today's trends seem to revolve around boho, hippy, earthy vibes and I'm sure that will change probably as soon as I've hit 'publish' on this post. But what I love about WR Presets is that there is a set for each different mood.

Set 01 is more cooler, true to life and simple. If you want warmer but still moody, Set 02 is for you. Set 03 is dedicated to black and whites [something I'm a little obsessed about]

I wanted to share the love. 

Shop the WR Presets here, or get in touch for more information.


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