What is an elopement?

This pandemic has truly done a number on us all over the last 3 years. Especially couples planning a wedding in 2022. What with the restrictions, lockdowns, wedding venues cancelling on you, having to postpone your wedding after painstakingly booking vendors, paying deposits, arranging the guest lists, buying the dress.

But what is an elopement?

Have you thought of Eloping?

I know the question many ask is "What is Eloping?"

Traditionally, elopements used to be linked with 'running away in secret' or having a fake Elvis in a Vegas chapel.

I'm here to bust that myth. Eloping is SO. MUCH. MORE.

My definition of elopement:

"An intimate wedding experience with a small amount of people in a place special to you as a couple, where the main focus is YOU and the whole reason you are getting married."

I want to help couples have an amazing meaningful intimate wedding experience that is about them.

It may be on top of the Rocky Mountains, in a canoe on Lake Louise, or quite simply- your very own backyard with a select few family and friends.

Elopements don't have to mean secret and secluded. They don't have to mean hiking for hours. There doesn't have to be nobody else. It means intimate, authentic and true to you as a couple. It means a small amount of people to witness your commitment in a place that is special to you.

Your Elopement deserves more than a 1-2 hour 'photoshoot'

Forget worrying about others on your day, you can tailor your day to you. You should send your wedding day doing what you want to do. Here's something to get you thinking:

Just stop for a second and look at each other. If the two of you (throw out all of the logistics and boundaries for a second) could craft one single day from the time you get up to the time you go to bed, you could go anywhere, do anything, see anything, experience anything. What would that day look like? What would you see, what would you do, what would you eat, what would you drink, what activities would you get up to?

^ That right there would be a perfect elopement day.

The best thing to start would be to write a list of any activities you want to do, as well as a rough timeline of how you want the day to pan out. Here is an example of a timeline:

You really have the freedom to choose your day dependent on what you love to do together.

In the end, all that matters is you two.

As a relaxed documentary elopement photographer, I can help guide you to writing the perfect elopement day timeline, help you plan your activities and ensure your perfect day is documented exactly the way it should be.

If you'd like to chat through your ideas, drop me a message here and let's start telling your story!


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