How to make your wedding day unique

We all go through the motions. We get engaged, we go online to search for 'ideas' and 'inspiration' for the perfect wedding day.

But really, what matters is you getting the wedding day YOU both want. Your relationship is unique, and so should your wedding day be.

Here are some tips on how to make your wedding day unique.

Write letters to each other

Personal letters written to each other are a great way to build the excitement in your wedding day. Capturing you reading them on camera really helps to build the story from the beginning. Add personal touches to them, like little quirks or things that have happened to you as a couple that only you will know about to make it extra special to you.

Prepare your spouse-to-be a surprise gift

Whether you gift it to them before of after the ‘I do’s’, chances are they are not expecting it. What a way to evoke some excitement for your film! Not just for the receiver, but the guests too when they see how meaningful it is. It's things like that which make the day live on in people's memories.

Include stories in the speeches

We can usually all tell which best men have been to Google for their speech. Make it personal. Get them to add a funny (above board) story that would be funny to tell but won’t embarrass you ‘too’ much or make the parents/ grandparents blush. Better still, get them to test their speech out on another one of the wedding party before the day, someone who also knows you as a couple and who can give them honest feedback and pointers if they need it.

Don’t hold back on the emotion

It’s hard to say that ^ when there are cameras thrust into your faces, I know. But the way I shoot is documentary, meaning I’m somewhere in the background capturing you so organically that you will be able to just be completely yourself, and that means the emotion will come. Don’t be afraid of it. It’s the perfect way to tell your story. 

Don't fit a certain 'style' if you don't want to

Trying to fit into the social norms is such a common thing these days. With social media making it so much harder for you to truly be yourselves, it's easy to fall into the trap of wanting to be 'ig worthy'.

Here is a list of fashion trends to expect in 2022 as a guide on what's currently happening in the wedding industry.

There's no need to make it 'for the gram'. Create your day for you. If you want to mix in moody with light, then go for it! Mix those colours up. Don't be afraid to be yourselves.

As a wedding photographer + videographer I am always here to help with our ideas and plans to make sure you are getting the most out of your wedding day. My style is unconventional, honest, organic and true to you. I'm just here to document your adventure and help tell your story.

If you think we're a good fit then check out my portfolio for more or go ahead and holler at me for more info!


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